I Started this Program because of Leo My Rottweiler, who was going to be put down in 12 hrs, because of his breed, shelter had little awarness and they had only so much money to feed the animals.  I decided that shelters needed food, supplies and a ongoing resource for public awareness. 

    Rescue Magazine Started out as a one page flyer in 2012 and has grown to 74 pages and70 shelters & Rescues with over 800 Animals in need of help.  We are more than a Magazine.  We also Raise several thousands of Dollars in food and supplies to help Rescues, and Shelters throughout Central Texas.  Bell County Sheriff's Department Animal Shelter, in Belton Texas, recently announced because of our efforts they will now vacinate up to 107 animals a month with the the extra money now in their budget.  


Rescue Magazine, Is out every week getting the word out about the animals needing a home, and brining food to the shelters in need each week.  This is  a year round mission for us. 


We apprecieate all the support, you give us to help them.   .


Ron Ducharme



   Lance                         Leo